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Abruzzoverdeblu is a portal whose goal is to promote tourism in Abruzzo.

We want you to know and appreciate this region, not fully discovered yet, placing the accent on tourism in the countryside. Living in agriturismi (farm houses), you will get to know and appreciate the local culture and tradition.



Agriturismo e OspitalitĂ Hospitality - Abruzzo offers holidays and accomodation for many different tastes. Holidays in Abruzzo are always steeped in natural, sincere and quiet  atmospheres. Moreover Abruzzo gives you the chance to spend a nice holiday in many different ways and in all the seasons. 

The genuineness of its products, the quietness of its places and the discovery of the old traditions are the main ingredients of a renowned and appreciated hospitality. These are also the ingredients for a relaxing and pleasant holiday.


Suggested tour
The Scanno lake (Scanno)
Scanno has charmed artist and travellers of the whole world. You can visit Santa Maria della Valle church, built in the 13th century and restored in 1563-1576.

All the Abruzzo
Abruzzo has got three National Parks: the Park of Abruzzo, those of Gran Sasso and Maiella ...
Tour itineraries – Abruzzo, being situated in the centre of the Italian peninsula ....
CittĂ  d'arteArt cities 
Artistic towns – Abruzzo is an ancient region which keeps the traces – also the artistical ones – of the historical events ...
Castles of Abruzzo – Castles are one of the main elements of the regional organization and of the feudal ...
Chiese medievaliMedieval churches
La storia dellÂ’arte medioevale in Abruzzo coincide con quella dellÂ’architettura religiosa monastica.
Eremi celestinianiCelestinian refuges
Recent historical analysis concurs that Abruzzo was one of the first region to be converted to Christianity...
L’artigianato, fiorente in questa regione, nasce da tradizioni secolari, la cui eredità è tuttora viva nei centri ...
Da sempre terra di grande tradizione agricola e pastorale, l'Abruzzo offre a chi lo visita un'ampia scelta di profumi e sapori.

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