Castle of Roccascalegna
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Castle of Roccascalegna
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 Castle of Roccascalegna

One of the most interesting castles in Abruzzo is found on a rocky spur that dominates the village of Roccascalegna and the valley of the Secco  river.
The castleÂ’s origins are likely to be connected to the Lomdard presence between the fifth and the sixth century.
They fortified the fortress, but the first evidence of the feudal domain of Roccascalegna date back to 1058 in the “Catalogus Baronum”.
In the first decade of the year 1000, the Roccascalegna area was allied with the Manoppello county. Later the fortress belonged to the Annechino (c.1450-1530), the Caraffa (1531-1600), the De Corvis (1600-1717?), the Nanni and finally to the Nanni-Croce families who maintained the castle from 1806 until 1980 when they gave it to the local government.
One legend tells that the “ius primae noctis”, the first night right for the landlord to sleep with the bride, originated in Roccascalegna. Baron Corvo the Corvis began the ritual in 1646. The legend goes on to say that the baron was punched by a young bride who did not want to submit to this custom.
The castle was restored throughout the centuries. Today it has semi-circular turrets and a square Norman tower. They are enclosed by a fortified wall. Inside there are the guard posts, the living quarters, a store room, a chapel and the noblemanÂ’s dwelling.

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