Castles of Abruzzo
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Castle of Celano
Castle of Crecchio
Castle of Roccacalascio
Castle of Roccascalegna
Castle of Salle
Castle of Ocre
Castle of L'Aquila

 Castles of Abruzzo

Castles of Abruzzo – Castles are one of the main elements of the regional organization and of the feudal and Renaissance society.

In Abruzzo we can see various types of fortified castles and towers, situated inside urban centres or in strategic positions to defend and guard the region. From the Rocca Calascio fortress, which has a square plan with 4 circular towers, to the Celano castle, which has a rectangular shape and a wide inner court, Abruzzo offers its treasures of military and town planning art to anyone who wants to visit the interior and discover the richness of this region.

Castle of L'Aquila
In the centre of the city of LÂ’Aquila there is the castle, which is a mighty square fortress with powerful angular ramparts surrounded by a deep, wide moat.
Si accede attraverso un ponte di pietra fino all’ingresso che presenta un prezioso portale in pietra sormontato dallo stemma di Carlo V. Lo spessore della muratura va da 10 metri alla fondazione fino ai 5 della sommità, l’altezza totale è di 30 metri.
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