San Pietro di Alba Fucens (Massa d'Albe)
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 San Pietro di Alba Fucens (Massa d'Albe)

This is a Benedectine church built in the twelfth century with the ruins of an old Etruscan Italic temple dedicated to Apollo which dates back to the third century B.C.
Its faƧade is marked out by the bell tower where you can enter through a central portal made in 1526 or two side ones.
You can also go into the church through a second Romanesque portal. The church has a nave and two aisles divided by pillars coming from the old Alba Fucens.
Inside you can see the very fine Cosmate ambo of the twelfth century made by master Giovanni di Guido, with roman pillars and a thirteenth century capital. In front of it you can see a large Easter candle.

The other gem of the church is the iconostasis (rood screen), the structure which separates the presbytery and the naves. It is also in Cosmate style and you can read on it the signature of the author: Andrea.


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