Santa Maria in Vico
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 Santa Maria in Vico

S. Maria a Vico is one of the AbruzzoÂ’s most ancient examples of religious buildings.
The church was built prior to the year 1000, with a variety of different materials, and a number of building techniques can be identified in the various levels of the structure.
The portal is sculpted stone with symbolic elements bridging the 11th to 12th centuries.
TodayÂ’s rosette, above the door, has obviously replaced a previous limestone version.
The bell tower is incorporated into the façade. 

The basilica interior has a nave and two aisles with seven, column-supported arches, terminating in a semicircular apse that occupies the entire width of the central nave, the stone slab floor has recently been brought back to its original level; the ceiling has exposed trusses.
The interior is extremely bare and primitive, light enters through four splay less window closed by a stone grate, sculpted with geometrical symbols.

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